May 31, 2020

Yup, you read that right friends.

There has been so much change since I wrote my last post. In my own life and around the world. We are living in a world pandemic. Something, I did not see or any of us coming.

The one thing I am grateful is LOVE. It is a powerful force,...

November 12, 2019

Last post was in August, Oh dear. Well, I have been writing alot more then I have ever. Instagram posts are being written. That counts right? Would help if I posted on my own website from time to time. So, here I am. What I have been up to these past few months?  Life...

August 7, 2019

So, I put something big out into the universe and guess what?


Many people have asked me about it.


I forgot that I put it out there.

Or maybe I was to afraid to talk about.


Like when you are at the high school dance & do NOT want to be the first one

to dance....kinda like...

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