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Oh, hello world

So, I put something big out into the universe and guess what?


Many people have asked me about it.


I forgot that I put it out there.

Or maybe I was to afraid to talk about.


Like when you are at the high school dance & do NOT want to be the first one

to dance....kinda like that.


Here I am world. Back in the blogging game.


Attempt number 10 at this weird and yet wonderful place on the interwebs.


What can you expect from this Blog.

1. Captive Photography

2. Motherhood Truths

3. Struggles & Adversity

4. Anything that Sparks Joy In My Life

There will also be video portions to this as well. I am so excited to have a space of my own on the internet! Thanks for stopping by!

Chat soon friends,


***My favorite Sweater is from Free Reign****

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