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My Endy Mattress Upgrade & Delivery

For the past 21 months, my husband and I have been sleeping on a Queen size Endy mattress. It has been the best mattress we have both slept on- EVER. Hands down the best choice for our sleep and overall health. To be honest friends, I have been needing more space. The past 3-4 months I have been searching high and low for décor to accommodate the change- to a KING SIZE ENDY! Maybe it’s because I am approaching my 40’s( I have one more year), but my gosh this change has been epic. I love the extra space the King size Endy provides!

One of my girlfriends said “getting a King Size is like a right of passage into your 40’s. Now, I know why!

It only took a few days for our new mattress to arrive in its box, thanks to Endy’s free and fast shipping. When you think of a boxed mattress, what comes to mind? Is it the visual? The wonder of it “how did this fit into this”? I can tell you that 1000% I had the same thoughts. The delivery of the Endy Mattress is unlike any other mattress I have slept on before. It is very compact so the amount of space it requires at the front door is minimal and it’s very easy to bring inside. The days of maneuvering a mattress through tight doors and hallways are behind us. . Our mattress arrived with all the accessories and took up less space than a traditional king mattress. What is not to love about that?

Once my hubby helped carry the box upstairs, I was able to unbox the mattress and finish setting up the bed. Which is my favorite part! Unrolling the mattress and watching it come to life is always exciting. All of the packaging is recyclable so any clean up is easy. I load it all up and take it to the recycling depot. If you have small kids, I am sure that these boxes could be turned into a spaceship or a fort! How fun would that be?

More often than not, I have lovely humans that ask me questions in the DM’s on Instagram about the Endy and how the process is or if I have any recommendations to go alongside the Endy mattress. My number one recommendation is the mattress protector, because life happens. It is water-resistant and machine-washable, making it easy to clean and keeps your Endy looking brand new. My second recommendation is the Endy Sheets! Sheets that are designed specifically to fit the Endy Mattress size make all the difference. The fitted sheet stays in place and that is a game changer, friends.

From placing the order, to setting up Our King size, Canadian-made Endy, it has been the easiest process. I am so glad we made the switch to Endy years ago. We are getting a great night's sleep and that extra bit of space that comes with a King size has been magical! If you have been thinking of making the switch to an Endy, be sure to click this link:

to check out Endy and all their amazing products.

* Disclosure: This blog post is in partnership with Endy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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