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Hello Blog....

Last post was in August, Oh dear. Well, I have been writing alot more then I have ever. Instagram posts are being written. That counts right? Would help if I posted on my own website from time to time. So, here I am. What I have been up to these past few months? Life has been productive to say the least. Also, filled with memories being made with my fam jam. We went camping several times this year. Time seems to be going faster every year my kids get older. I keep trying to soak up as much time as I can get,

While we have just over six weeks left in 2019, I am looking forward to 2020. There are some big exciting projects on the horizon. Maybe I will get into more details as the new year takes shape. Right now, all I can say is....EEKKKK!!

Stay tuned! I promise, I will share more in the new year :)

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Megan Ashley Creative

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