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Kaylyn is a professional photographer and videographer with a background in sales.

She loves to share a
coffee or glass of wine with friends, go on adventures with photography clients, test out new recipes,
and travel around the globe… and around the local shops. Kaylyn lives with her husband and their
blended family of six in Surrey, BC.

Kaylyn Barr established herself as a content creator in 2019. Her engaged audience continues to grow as
a result of the contagious passion and captivating personality that emanates from Kaylyn’s Instagram
grid. Kaylyn is an avid supporter of local brands; you can find Kaylyn’s honest reviews, suggestions, and
genuine excitement for small shops regularly in her Instagram Stories. Kaylyn’s avenue to content
creation is unique: she takes the time to use brands and gets to know the fundamentals of the products
and people behind the brand before working with them. If Kaylyn says she loves a product, you can rest
assured that it is amazing. The community she has created on Instagram is invested in Kaylyn’s opinions
on local brands and the way she incorporates them into her self-love journey because of her sincerity,
reliability, and authenticity.









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